The transfer or cession of the Tobacco Vending Shops (Estancos) is processed through the Tobacco Market Commissioner under the Ministry of Finance and Public Service. These transfers or cessions have a particular treatment.

Whether it is a transmission “inter vivos” or “mortis causa”, in Vázquez and Manchón we have been helping customers in this particular sector in the consecution of these procedures.

When managing the transfer, the rules of succession must be taken into account in the case of a “mortis causa” transmission, or in the case of “inter vivos” transmission whether or not there is a family relationship with the person transferring the business. In addition, there are unavoidable requirements to be met by the one acquiring it.

In short, it is a somewhat complex and unusual transmission.

In our blog you may check with some more detail information about these transactions.However, should you be interested in this service you may always contact our specialists who, based on their experience, will successfully help you.

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