Who are we?

Our History

Founded in October 1983 by Maria Jose Vazquez, our firm has always been committed with quality of services and professional excellence.

Today, we are a multidisciplinary team with a deep knowledge and experience in different areas of the Law and on each of the areas of activity of the Gestores Administrativos , especially those related to the business world in general and agriculture in particular , as well as management advice and other administrative procedures.

  • Advising individuals and legal entities
  • Specialists in agriculture
  • Legal assistance
Edificio Gestoria Vazquez y Manchon

We are close so you get far!

Why us?

The new generation of professionals who recently joined us provides an answer to the contemporary challenges and at the same time they represent both the renovation and continuity of our firm.

Our commitment with our clients is proven by an ethical, close and rigorous assistance, aimed to the success of their businesses.

Our way of working is based on the communication of our areas of expertise so that the full picture of the provided service is never missed, which leads to optimization of results.

Experience, trust, confidentiality and professional attitude are the values our clients highlight the most.

The result of our work is translated into an optimal relationship of our clients with several/different Public Administrations.

Outstanding works

We are prepared to offer an integral services to businesses.

Juan Leandro Manchón VázquezWho are we?