We have been providing consultancy on labour-related and social security issues from our very beginnings.

What can Vázquez y Manchón do for you in the labour and social security field?

Our labour law team – led by our departmental manager with her 25+ years’ experience – processes files concerned with maternity and paternity allowances, retirement, widows’ and orphans’ pensions, etc. with all the competent public authorities: the General Institute of the Social Security (INSS), the Public Employment Service (SEPE)/National Employment Institute (INEM), the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS), etc.

Our customers also entrust our team with outsourcing their human resources departments with respect to the addition and separation of workers, employment contracts, dismissals, disabilities, payment deferrals, etc., all of which translates into peace of mind in the knowledge that they are complying with the regulations. And of course, at Vázquez & Manchón we provide comprehensive assistance with inspections and sanctions imposed by the Labour and Social Security Inspectorates.

We complement our labour-related and social security services by responding to all kinds of special requests (such as processing applications for healthcare cards) and we are especially skilled at drawing up prevention of occupational hazard contracts thanks to our team and our network of business partners.

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Vázquez y Manchón: experience and qualified expertise in labour-related and social security consultancy

Human resources

Administrative support for the Human Resources area of your organisation in tasks that require operational availability and constant updating.


We provide experience and rigorous quality standards in the provision of services such as employment contracts, immigration formalities, pacts and agreements, dismissals, disabilities, sanctions, etc.