Fiscal, accounting and labour consultancy

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Our experienced team of qualified experts provides our customers with comprehensive consultancy services.

From incorporation, management and liquidation of companies through outsourcing of accounting, taxation and labour-related aspects to commercial support for companies (cooperatives, limited liability, etc.), natural persons and joint ownership entities.

As chartered administrative agents we are experts in vehicle-related procedures and those associated with traffic and transport authorities in general. Furthermore, our Legal Department, with the support of our business partner network, provides comprehensive legal coverage.

Administrative agents: essential experts


Our team includes qualified experts with extensive experience in compliance with commercial obligations inherent in the life cycle of legal entities, especially limited-liability companies and cooperatives.

Our highly-qualified and experienced legal team can provide counsel in civil, criminal and family law and take care of all procedural issues. We can also provide court representation from our extensive network of associates and partners.

We specialise in fiscal consultancy for the agribusiness sector. We also provide services such as accounting for self-employed professionals, SMEs and young farmers; submission of the accounting record and annual financial statements; addition, deregistration and modification in the Tax Agency, drafting and submission of tax returns, etc.

This experienced department specialises in issues related to maternity and paternity allowances, retirement, widow’s and orphan’s pensions, etc. Our customers see us as their external human resources department: employment contracts, additions and separation of workers, dismissals, disability management, postponement of payments, etc.

Here at Vázquez y Manchón we have extensive experience as chartered administrative agents. As such, we provide a series of services: vehicle-related formalities (land – including agricultural – air and water craft) and with government agencies in general.

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