Chartered administrative agents can represent natural or legal persons in general vis-à-vis any public authority or government agency.

What does the administrative agent provide?

The General Regulation of Administrative Agents provides that chartered administrative agents can act on behalf of natural or legal persons to expedite procedures with any government agency or public authority,hereby streamlining and fine-tuning their compliance with the duties and/or safeguarding their rights. The only limits to their competence are affairs expressly reserved to other professions and they contribute a guarantee of proper conduct, adherence to specific rules and mandatory civil liability.

Vázquez y Manchón is a chartered administrative agency with extensive experience that serves our customers in El Ejido and across the entire province of Almería.

The following are some of the areas in which we work as chartered administrative agents:


As chartered administrative agents, Vázquez & Manchón are especially proficient at providing counsel for dealing with the government departments responsible for means of transport – whether on land (including agricultural vehicles), sea or air – to process the following documents, among others:

Relations with government agencies

As chartered administrative agents we are experts in administrative law, in relations with the state, regional (not only with departments of the Regional Government of Andalusia) and local (provincial and town councils, etc.) governments.

Vázquez y Manchón as an administrative agency in El Ejido and Almería has an outstanding record at the administrative proceeding level (with particular expertise in appeals for review or reversal and economic-administrative proceedings) and, in practice, we ensure efficient cooperation with the authorities acquired through years of practice.

In short, we can deal with any matter regardless of the government agency involved, acting as mediators between the citizen and the public authority.

In the following video we explain in a more graphic manner the advantages of working with an administrative agency regardless of whether you are a private citizen or a company.