We have been providing our taxation and accounting consultancy service since 1983

What can Vázquez y Manchón do for you as tax consultants?

We are equipped with a specific tax consultancy service linked to the Legal Department that specialises in the main driving force of the surrounding economy: agriculture. We have been helping our customers to comply with the requirements of the autonomous regional government (above all) for years on two specialty fronts: how to benefit from the considerable tax advantages of the priority agricultural holdings scheme and obtaining aid for young farmers in the province of Almería.

We also have a long and successful track record with cooperative and agricultural produce processing companies, ideal vehicles with which to engage in the agro-business sector.

Naturally, the accounting and tax consultancy services that we provide also include the following aspects, among others:

Are you looking for a tax and accounting consultancy? Contact us to enable us to help you with your specific case.

Vázquez y Manchón: Excellent qualified experts in tax and accounting advice.

Rigorous accounting analysis

We work with both legal and natural persons, providing special expertise in cooperatives.

Help with tax planning

As an instrument aimed at reducing the tax burden of our customers while helping them to comply with the current tax system.

Wide experience

In consultancy and management of your taxes our experience acquired after many years in the field enables us to anticipate our customers’ needs according to their sector and to provide them with economic-financial advice.