In Spain, inheritances must be accepted or rejected in their entirety, usually by means of a notarised inheritance acceptance deed (as appropriate) that lists and describes all the assets and liabilities involved. If an asset has been omitted from the inheritance acceptance deed (because it was not known to exist or due to an oversight) it is always possible to include it a posteriori. With the help of the qualified experts here at Vázquez y Manchón you will be able to add assets to an already-signed and sealed inheritance acceptance deed quickly and easily.

This issue is more common than one would think and generally comes to light only when the heirs decide to sell the inherited asset. Naturally, a solution must be found and executed before the sale can take place.

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Here at Vázquez y Manchón we have a wealth of experience and we are sure we can help you with the formalities if you need help to add an asset to the inheritance acceptance deed.

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